Our Brands

A matter of partnership

Alexander Girard spent a lifetime campaigning for accessible design. Like his contemporaries George Nelson, Eero Saarinen and the Eames, he believed in connecting design with the people by making it well, and by making it original, practical and affordable.

More than half a century later, Girard’s approach still rings true. Certain craftsmen, designers and brands follow in his footsteps – and these are the people we partner with.

We choose brands because we believe in their authenticity, integrity and brand offering. They choose us because we have a proven track record in supporting brands in this market. We know the region, we know its tastes and its needs, and we can therefore curate collections that hit just the right note with local audiences.

Our ability to single out the right brands and the right products also makes us the perfect partner for interior designers, architects and property developers. We can help you select the perfect pieces for any space. Combined with our access to suppliers and our logistic network, this will bring your design vision to life.