About Us

A matter of discovery

A Matter of Design was born from our belief that design is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. When design is done well, it has the power to improve your life, supporting you in your home, in your workspace, and wherever you go.

A passion for European design

We are especially drawn to European design, because it’s consistently well made, highly functional, beautiful and affordable. This is why we established A Matter of Design: to share our love with Hong Kong and China, uniting a community of design lovers and helping them discover the best designers, brands and products. We also want to nurture great design, by providing talented makers, designers and brands with a place they can call home in Hong Kong.

The perfect partner

For makers, designers and brands, we are the perfect distribution partner – and yet we are so much more than just a distributor. We go above and beyond at every stage of your design journey, acting as an extension of your brand in Asia.

As our partner, you will be part of the ecosystem we are building around connection and collaboration. You will also benefit from our own strong track record in furniture and lifestyle. We have successful partnerships in place with the likes of Tom Dixon and BoConcept in Asia. Our affiliation with Aussco Group sets us apart, too. We have 57 years of experience in trade, manufacturing, fashion and lifestyle: we work with European brands such as Maje, Adidas, Sandro and Ted Baker, and we understand their challenges and needs as they build a retail presence here.

We make the connections

The journey is the same, whether you are in fashion, accessories, design or lifestyle. It’s a journey we understand implicitly, and our know-how, insights and partnerships are the ideal tools you need in order to localise, connect and succeed with Hong Kong and Chinese audiences.

A matter of people

We believe that people matter, from the people we partner with to the people we work with in-house. Our team consists of only the best: those who have great taste, great style and a wealth of know-how behind them.

Joanne Chow


For Joanne, retail is in the blood – her grandfather established Aussco Group in 1960, and Joanne manages the company to this day. For Aussco, she analysed market insights in order to capitalise on commercial opportunities for leading European fashion brands, and through this experience, she is perfectly placed to launch lifestyle brands in the Hong Kong market under A Matter of Design. Joanne also has three children, and a fourth on the way.