Tender Notices/Expression of Interest/Request for Proposals Lifestyle Showroom & AI Marketplace Platform Application

Date: 31/3/2023

On behalf of AMOD-TDX ONLINE CHINA LIMITED (“AMOD-TDX”), invite interest parties to submit a tender for the Development of a Lifestyle Showroom & AI Marketplace Platform for A Matter Of Design. Interested parties with relevant experience shall obtain the tender document on AMOD-TDX website in the “Tender Notice” Section.

Tender Submissions are now closed.

All costs and expenses incurred for or in connection with any response to this invitation, including the preparation of any submission, shall be borne entirely by the party concerned without recourse to AMOD-TDX.

Please note that submissions are being invited on a non-committal basis, and this Invitation does not constitute any part of an offer by AMOD TDX; AMOD TDX is not bound to award any contract to any of those parties which have replied to this notice.

Tender – Scope Of Work

Quotation Invitation to Supplier and Confirmation Form by Supplier